For the last few days or so, Alphonse Elric realized that his older brother was stealing milk off the ice box.

He didn't believe it until he witnessed Ed sneaking into the kitchen and take the bottle. 'The world must be ending,' Al thought to himself.

Edward Elric was notoriously known for his intense dislike of milk. Why would his brother even steal something he hated so much?

Was it because he gained half an inch over Ed?

Or maybe because Winry called him short?

Or was it because an old woman pinched Ed's cheeks and called him 'an adorable younger brother.' (in which Ed proceeded to give a loud tantrum, in the town hall to be exact)

Al quietly followed his brother to the backyard, peeked at his brother's antics and nearly gave himself away by almost laughing out loud.

A few meters away a kitten lapped up the milk from a bowl, Ed crooning and petting it.

Al concluded that it was too good to be true that Ed would finally resign himself to drinking milk after years of protesting against it.