Cool As Ice

"...and when I was nine, we had a fight. I knew it was entirely my fault so I bought him an ice cream as an apology."

"Is that so?" Hawkeye looked up from her paperwork.

"Yep. It was summer, so no kid in their right mind would resist a free cold treat. I remember the flavor too; it was strawberry. It's still his favorite."

Hawkeye stamped a few of the documents and gathered them into a single, neat stack. "If you excuse me, I need to have the Colonel's signature for these."

Winry fiddled with her tool belt. "That's fine. I'll just be here."

"I see." Hawkeye strode towards Mustang's office door. "Oh, and Miss Rockbell, I believe that you should tell Fullmetal to buy sherbet or shaved ice instead of regular ice cream from now on."

"Why is that?"

"Milk is used in making ice cream. You do realize that, Miss Rockbell?"

"Oh crap."