It was a hot summer day in East City when Ed had the brilliant idea to transmute ice from river water. It had been weeks since it last rained, which was unusual because the region had one of the highest rainfall averages in the country.

The temperature was high enough to force Ed to wear something—gasp—not black: shorts and a sleeveless shirt. Moreover, his automail limbs conducted heat and made wearing anything more extremely uncomfortable.

After seeing Al wade into the river, and seeing steam form after the armor came in contact with water, Ed had enough.

"Nii-san, I don't think it's a good idea." Al reasoned with him. "Eh? where are you going with those buckets?

"Payback, dear brother. Payback."

Al decided he didn't like that particular grin on his brother's face.

"And besides," Ed continued. "Aren't we supposed to leave for Liore this afternoon? The Colonel won't be coming back to his office until tonight because of that meeting..."

Nope. Al didn't like that grin at all.

Roy Mustang stared at inside his office. Most of the room was walled off with a huge block of ice.

"Fullmetal, you..." It came out as a growl. He quickly composed himself and lifted his right hand. "No matter, I could easily melt it."

His thumb and index finger made contact...

"Colonel!" Hawkeye tried to stop her superior officer. "Don—!"

And he snapped his fingers...

Fury, Farman, Havoc and Breda never saw the huge wall of water coming.

Rumor has it that the entire East City headquarters was flooded for days. Also, the water pumps used in case of flooding mysteriously broke down when they tried to use them.

It was also said that the Colonel bewailed the loss of his magazine collection from water damage.