Hawkeye's right eyelid twitched as she read the Elric brother's most recent assignment.

"Colonel." The report was crumpled in her fist. "You didn't..."

Mustang calmly sipped his morning coffee. "I know it is being unnecessarily cruel for them to be sent off on another mission too soon, but Fullmetal insists on continuing his quest right away..."

She reached for her gun.

The Colonel's staff next door ignored the pleas for help and gunshots. Any visiting officer would have been horrified at the goings on at East City Headquarters, but the regular staff was too used to Hawkeye's idea of discipline to even care.

"A thousand Cens says Hawkeye goes for the porn."

"You're on." Breda slapped money on the table.


"I'm going to kill that bastard." Edward Elric growled under his breath. "He's trying to get revenge for the prank we pulled on him last summer."

"Well, I'm sure it's just coincidence..." Al trailed off upon seeing tubes of the product rolling along the production line.


Office Memo

East City Headquarters

Colonel's office

To Edward Elric:

Please be informed that the next assignment is the inspection of petroleum products in the frontier city of Rouge. The products should be graded according to manufacturing procedures and effectiveness. Kindly bring back several samples from each mixing site as they can be tested for their efficiency and texture. Pay most attention to the lubricant division and take the most samples from there.

On your return, proceed to the testing site my bedroom immediately.

Roy Mustang

Flame Alchemist