The Trouble with Armor

"Take me home with you."


"Please! With a mini-cleaver on top."

"For the last time. NO."

"Please don't leave me with that guy with gray hair. He's so boring."

"My neighbors would start saying things behind my back if I took home a suit of armor."

If armor could make puppy-dog eyes, this one definitely looked like it. Unfortunately, it had the effect of making Barry the Chopper look like an utter idiot.

"Fine then. Why choose the walking lighter over me? I can give you good lovin' tonight."

"Hm... Perhaps because you are dead and an empty suit of armor? My tastes do not swing towards necrophilia. Try the older Elric. He doesn't mind his younger brother."

"Awww... You're mean, Nee-chan. What does a guy need to do to get laid around here? Hey! Watch where you're swinging that gun! Someone can get hurt ya know!"