When Al Woke Up Female

"Nii-san, you IDIOT!"

"I'm sorry! Look, I'll fix it. I didn't know it was going to turn out this way!"

Al sniffed and crossed his arms over his chest; and was alarmed when his arms barely covered his newly acquired assets. "Look at me, I'm crying! It's those hormones!"

Ed sighed and draped his coat over Al's naked form. "I really didn't know." He awkwardly stroked Al's (now shoulder-length) hair. "I knew the Philosopher's Stone restored bodies, but I couldn't imagine it would make your body female. You know, research has been done... saying when we were conceived, we were all female... so the human being's default gender is female... until the Y chromosome starts to express the hormones that..."

He winced when Al started bawling.

"I hurt all over!" Al tried to bury himself in Ed's coat. "You don't know how it feels! My chest feels heavy, my skin is too sensitive, and... and..."

"... and?"


Ed stuffed his fingers into his ears.

"She'll KILL me for having bigger boobs than her...!"


"...worst of all...!"

"Maybe you'd like to lie down, Al..."

"What will Scar-san think?!? I PROMISED I would go to the Ishvar camp and visit Leo and Rick after my restoration and he'll show me around and..."

"Al?" Ed joined his brother (turned sister) on the floor. "I can borrow some, er, stuff from Major Hawkeye since maybe you'd be more comfortable wearing girl's clothes."



"Do you think Scar-san likes women with big breasts?


Scar sneezed, dropping tent material he was carrying.

Rick and Leo caught the poles and cloth before they hit the ground. "May Ishvar bless you." Leo mumbled, as what was customary to the Ishvarites.

"You know..." Rick mused. "One of the Xing merchants told me that when you sneeze out of the blue, someone is talking about you."

Leo sighed. "You still believe in those silly things? Superstition, all superstition."

Scar agreed silently. If he sneezed everytime someone talked about him, he should have died of pneumonia a long time ago. Still...

"Outsiders!" He was jolted out of his thoughts by the shrieks of excited children. The last time outsiders came into their camp, they had brought sweets and non-perishables, to the delight of the young and some of the adults.

Scar walked towards the center of camp and saw the Elric brothers being greeted by the Ishvar children. The Fullmetal Alchemist broke free from the crowd and stomped in his direction. Scar schooled his features into his customary scowl and...

... was unprepared for Edward Elric reaching up, grabbing his shirt collar and yanking his head down until they were both eye to eye. The older Elric, he noticed, was flushed and gritting his teeth.

"I give my blessing. But hurt Al and I will RIP your right arm off its socket! You understand me?" After this, Ed stalked back to where his brother was.

Scar blinked once. Then twice. What was the boy talking about? He wondered. At least all would be explained soon, he thought, as Alphonse Elric made his way towards him.

He looked different, Scar mused; taking note of the long hair and the somewhat feminine features. Then again, a huge suit of armor and the delicate creature standing in front of him was a BIG difference indeed.

Al (did he just blush? Scar thought), latched into his arm. "Scar-san, you promised that you'll show me the camp."

Oh yes, he remembered. The promise when Alphonse was still a suit of armor. "Where first?" he asked the androgynous-looking young man pressed tightly against his arm.

"How about your tent first, Scar-san?"

Alphonse's use of his pseudonym with the honorific caused his stomach to lurch. Scar was now clearly confused, babbling a semi-coherent reply to the younger Elric brother and leading him to the clearing where the refugee tents were set up.

Why was Alphonse pressed up against him like that?

Dear Ishvara, was that a breast he just felt?