The Best Part

There were a multitude of pleasures in life that sensory depravation had made even more enjoyable: grass under his feet, the burn of hot tea all the way down into his stomach, the bite of winter on his cheeks. However, as cliched and unpoetic as it was, Al's favorite tactile pleasure was to lie in bed after Ed had gone to work, slide onto his brother's side, and enjoy the very base satisfaction of touching his restored—-and very fine—cock.

Al had occasionally paused to wonder if his brother had taken special time with this particular area, and he rather hoped so—if he had, it gave him all the more reason to engage in this utterly selfish act of narcissism almost every day.

He rolled onto his back, arching slightly as he dragged his hand down his length, sighing softly, reaching up to grab Ed's pillow as if that would make up for the fact that his brother so often missed these bouts of sexual abandon (and would probably be upset to learn he wasn't included). Pressing his feet harder into the mattress, he raised his hips, letting his eyes close as he reached down to thrust his fingers through the fine, wiry curls his brother had endowed him with as well, to his balls which just felt so nice and full in his palms.

"Brotherrrr..." he moaned slightly, tightening his grip and tilting his head to catch his brother's scent on the pillow—-soap and shampoo and sweat and drool—and he jerked just slightly at the additional sensation.

In comparison to his brother, Al was longer, and he half-supposed that had been an accident. Ed had grumbled about it a few times, but it was always a balm to his ego when Al reminded him that in thickness they were hardly matched, and that he was very happy with the way things had ended up.

Still, in sheer attractiveness factor...Al couldn't help being a little vain.

Al pulled his hand back up his pelvis, making sure to stroke his index finger in the juncture between his hip and thighs, then palmed the head of his erection, swirling the leaking fluid around and around. It would almost be nice to have an audience, he thought before immediately blushing. Alphonse Elric an exhibitionist? Who'd ever imagine that?

He slid his hand down the shaft, fisting it tightly and starting up a rhythm that he knew by heart and by sex. A perfect body, an excellent cock, his brother's smell and everything was perfect and hot and his hips barely touched the sheets as he bounced them up and down and back and forth, playing into his hand, playing into himself, playing into oh, god, please, oh..


Oh. God.

Al's hand stopped midway up his length, and he pushed the pillow down with his other hand to see his brother in the doorway.

"Er...." he started out. "Um."

Ed seemed to be trying to wrench the doorknob off, or at least crush it with his automail hand.

"Brother," it finally came out with a squeak, "Shouldn't you be at work?"

"I forgot my....the ticky thing? It''s round and it...tells the time..."


Al was suddenly flailing words and limbs, eventually ending up on his knees with Ed's pillow covering his crotch.

And Ed just stared.

", yeah. Watch. You."

They held these respective poses for a few long, painful, agonizing minutes... and then Ed took his hand off the ruined doorknob and ran it through his hair.

"So, um..." Al suggested.

"Yeah." Ed nodded, and then started stripping.

Al blinked, and began to lower the pillow.

"What are you doing? You'll be late for work..."

"Look Al," Ed worked through the buttons on his blue coat, then shrugged it into a pile on the floor before unzipping his pants. "I know I gave you a great body. But you're not supposed to worship it all by yourself."

"I wasn't...I just..."

"Yeah, it's great that you love your cock and all, I realize it's a fun thing to play with." Naked now, the older Elric climbed onto the bed and pulled the pillow from his sibling's hand. "But thats my job."

Al nodded dumbly.

"And you," Ed reached down and slowly pulled Al's hips against his own, "Are supposed to enjoy mine more than yours. Otherwise I'll take it back."

"And how do you plan on doing that?" Al grinned and wound his arms around his brother's neck.

Ed grasped their cocks together firmly and smiled wickedly.

"Oh I have ways."

Quite a long time later, when Ed was on the phone explaining to an angry Mustang why he was so late, Al took a few minutes to wander into the bathroom and splash some water onto his face. He glanced to the side and into the full-length mirror, looked at himself...and grinned.

Ed noticed and lowered the phone slightly.

"Al stop looking at your cock in the..."—-fuck, that's right, he was on the phone—"...OVEN! OVEN! FUCK YOU MUSTANG!"

Al slammed the bathroom door and locked it. Sometimes you just had to appreciate certain things alone.