Suffer Well


Ed looked up at his brother from where he knelt behind the chair.

"How much tighter?"

"Tight enough so I can't get free, of course."

"I don't want to cut off circulation," Ed fiddled with the lengths of cord and different knot techniques. "How's that?"

"Still too loose. Brother, but your back into it!"

The older Elric blew some hair out of his face and snorted.

"You know what? I might just tie you to the goddamn chair and leave you here to go numb, would you like that? Huh? Tighter?"

"You wouldn't dare." Al chirped quite happily and swung one of his legs aimlessly.

Ed snorted and pulled on the cords until his brother yelped, and then let them go a fraction of an inch before securing them.

"There. That's as tight as you get."


"Anything else, your highness?"

"I'd like it if you were less moody."

"Can't have everything." Ed folded his arms and surveyed his all-too-willing captive. "Now what?"

"I'd think that would be obvious." Al grinned and wiggled a little. "Or was I not clear enough on the couch?"

"You kept putting your foot in my crotch."

"I was rubbing you with my foot, you moron."

"It was kind of like being kicked, but gently."

Al rolled his eyes.

"Whatever, you know what I was trying to do. It didn't turn you on a little?"

"I don't know what you were trying to do, but I know what I was trying to do. I was trying to read and then there's this foot in my crotch, and I told you to quit it and you kept doing it and suddenly you want to be tied to a chair."

Al huffed and hunched his shoudlers.

"I'm horny, don't you get it!"

"No, I did get that, it was the crotch-footing and the chair-tying—"

"I thought it would be kinky, okay?!"


"Kinky, have you ever heard of the word?"

"Yeah, but..." Ed scratched at his nose gently. "Kinky for who?"

Al gave him such a look of contempt that Ed nearly shoved his fingers up his nose, but quickly regained composure.

"What, Al, it's a fair question!"

"You're supposed to be a genuis!"

"Kinky for you because you're at my mercy? Kinky for me because I can do whatever I want to you?"

"Why can't it be both?! Argh, this was supposed to be FUN, not IRRITATING!"

Ed considered the set-up seriously for the first time, hand under his chin. It was convenient, Al seated like that with his legs spread slightly apart and his face flushed with arousal...okay, and a little bit of anger.

There was one rather large inconvenience though.

"You didn't take your clothes off."

Al blinked.


" am I supposed to take advantage of you if you're fully clothed."

"I.... well we've had sex around clothes before!"

"You weren't tied to a chair so usually they eventually came off!"

"Fine, I'm sorry this was the stupidest idea ever, I would have thought that you of all people could figure out some brilliant way to, I don't know, have sex with me despite me having clothes on. Sorry I gave you that much credit."

"You know Al, sarcasm really isn't sexy. That's why I'm not banging Mustang."

"Oh no?" Al's head was bowed now and he seemed to be trying to untie himself. "I've heard rumors."

"What?" His brother was suddenly holding his shoulders, pinning him to the chair and the chair to the floor. "What have you heard?"

"I've just heard things!"

Al tried to twist away, but didn't get very far as Ed slid onto his lap and held him fast.

"Tell me what you've heard."

Al turned to meet the inquiring golden eyes and smiled, fierce and wicked.

"You have to get it out of me first."

He wriggled slightly against the weight pressing into his hips, the remnants of his earlier erection quickly regaining strength so he was shortly hard and hot and pressed fast against his brother.

"I...Al, I..." Ed blushed and slid back a little. "I really...I don't know, what if...the...chair...fell over?"

The room was horribly, painfully silent for a moment as Alphonse Elric contemplated how to murder his brother with the power of his mind alone.

"I don't care if the chair falls over!"


"I'm not supposed to be the one telling you what to do, you're supposed to tell me what to do and get information out of me and play with me and use me! That's the point of me being tied to the chair! I'm at your mercy!"

The Fullmetal Alchemist looked down again in an attempt to be ashamed or contrite or perhaps find the words to try and talk Al out of this little game... but all he did find was a rather nice view of his brother's clothed erection. It didn't entirely strain against his pants, but it was visible enough, and it looked inviting. It wasn't as though Ed didn't know what his brother's cock looked like already, but he reached for the button and zipper anyway, undoing and unzipping them respectively, and slowly pulled the fabric aside.

"Finally," it was a relieved breath, "Now we're getting somewhere."

Still looking down, Ed slowly trailed his fingers around the waistband of Al's pants, untucking his shirt and pulling it up to reach at the bare skin underneath.


And then...

He tickled him.

Al, who had been tilting his head back, jerked up and attempted to get away—of course, to no avail.


"You're at my mercy, aren't you? I don't intend to show you any!"

Automail fingers dug into him harder and Al squealed, wriggling and squirming and eventually rocking the chair back and forth in a desperate attempt to dislodge his attacker.


"Wait, Al, don—"

And the chair slammed over onto it's side, sending Ed sprawling and Al straight into the floor with a rather unpleasant sounding smack.


"Al!" Ed was on his hands and knees and scrambling over to him quickly, carefully trying to lift his head and look for bruises. "Al, are you all right?"

"Ow..." The younger boy whimpered. "This idea sucks."

"I could have told you that." Ed brushed his hair aside.

"I thought you'd like it, though. If only you weren't so stubborn and stupid..."

"Al, I can't just...tie you to a chair and take advantage of you."

"Why not?"

"It's's not right."

"I asked you to do it. I wanted you to do it. I thought we could have fun with it."


"And then you had to complain and make it difficult and now the chair and I are on the floor!"

".......okay, to be fair, Al? Tickling you WAS taking advantage of you."

"....oh. Right."

A pause.

"But I meant in a sexual way. Not in a mean way."

"How was that mean?!"

"Can we just have sex, please?!"

Ed stood up and reached down, hauling his brother and the chair back up and righting them, then looking at him evenly.

"If you can fall over and hit your head and still have an erection, you must really want it bad." He took a few paces away. "But if I listen to you, the way you want to play this game... You don't get any say, do you?"


"And you still haven't told me what these 'rumors' you heard were."

"You'll have to torture them out of me." He cleared his throat. "Sexual torture only, though, no more tickling."

Ed rolled his eyes and made a "tsk" sound, but came back to the chair and slowly knelt down in front of Al.

"I don't know where to start..."

"Well I could think of a few places..."

"So by 'torture,' you really mean 'sexual gratification'. Specifically your sexual gratifacation."

"Well...yes, but—"

"You are an ass." Ed grumbled and reached for Al's boxers, spreading them open and pulling out his brother's erection, gently thumbing the underside of the head.

"Ah!" Al gasped softly, his legs falling apart even a little farther, and his hips coming forward, the actions combining to spread the gap in his shorts wider and reveal more skin.

Ed smiled slightly, but not so Al could see. There was something strangely alluring about Al being clothed after all. It made the exposure of skin, of these parts seem that much more forbidden and dirty, as if Ed wasn't supposed to see Al's balls, or the base of his cock framed in those dark blonde curls. The was a small drop of liquid leaking from the tip of his brother's cock and he brushed at it with his middle finger, swirling it around the soft skin.

"Ohhh, Brother..."

"Tell me about the rumors you've heard, Al."

"Ummmm..." His hips moved slightly. "People have just said things sometimes when you're in a bad mood at'll disappear for a while...."

"Uh-huh." Ed reached up and started undoing the buttons on his brother's shirt. "And?"

"...and when you come back, aaah!"—Ed had pinched a nipple with cold metal fingers, resulting in a whole-body twitch. "You're in a better mood... and probably because you got laid."

"And they assume..." Ed let go of Al's cock altogether to press both his thumbs on Al's nipples, hard, pulling the skin taut.

"They assuuuuuuume," Al groaned, forcing his neglected groin up unconsciously, "That you're doing Colonel Mustang."

"I see." Ed leaned forward and flicked his tongue at Al's navel, the ran it up his sternum. His brother's skin was warm and smelled like laundry detergent and salt and pure Al, and if the actions hadn't already been turning him on, the scent alone would have done it.

"There have been other rumors, though..." Al's chest quivered as he spoke, his breathing short.

"Do tell." Ed purred, sliding up like a snake and burrowing into Al's collarbone as he reached down to undo his own pants.

"Um," Al said thoughtfully, licking his lips, "Other rumors say that you're seeing someone else..."

"Really? Who?" Ed pressed agains his brother's leg, enjoying the friction of the fabric against his skin and wishing, for a moment, that Al wasn't tied to the chair so he could flip him over and... but that was for a different time. He pushed the thought aside.

"Scieszka..." Al breathed and all motion stopped.


Al opened an eye and looked at his brother.

"The rumors say you're seeing—"

Ed pushed the chair over.

Al squealed as he went back, but Ed reached forward and caught the back before Al could hit his head again, and lowered him the rest of the way down.

"Scieszka." he said somberly.

"What's wrong with her? She's a nice girl. How could she possibly be worse than Colonel Mustang?"

"She isn't." Ed sat back on his knees and worked his pants down, gradually settling down to pull them off his legs. "But now I don't believe you anymore."

"What's to believe? They're rumors! You don't have to believe them, especially when you know the truth, what are you doing?!"

Devoid of any clothing on his lower half, Ed crawled over to Al on all fours and slowly, carefully straddled his brother's stomach, easing himself down.

"Yes, but no one would ever, ever take the chance of ruining Scieszka's good name. You made that part up." Ed was now stroking his own cock, with long, even motions, and grinning more than a little ferally. "But people will say whatever they want about Mustang and me."

Al's eyes went wide as Ed siddled closer, past his ribs, up to..oh, he wasn't going to—

"Open wide, Al."

And since this was the game he'd wanted to play, Al did as he was told, and Ed fit the head of his erection into Al's mouth. He shuddered slightly as Al quickly pressed his tongue to the head, delving slightly into the slit, swirling around and then trying to draw him deeper by sucking alone. Ed obliged him slowly, holding the base of his cock carefully to remind himself not to go so fast as to choke his brother.

"Fuck, Al..." he hissed, bouncing his hips just a tiny bit, feeling teeth graze him ever so slightly, not hard enough to wound or sting but to send sparks into his stomach.

He reached back with his free hand carefully, taking hold of Al's erection and sliding his palm over it, wrapping each finger around the thick length in individual turns and then fisting it, hard and fast and with the slickness that was dripping from the tip at an increased rate now, as if—-and not as if, because of—Ed's cock in his mouth somehow turned Al on more than the alternative.

Which gave Ed another idea, and he slowly, regretfully almost, pulled himself out of Al's mouth.

"So these they ever get close to the truth?"

Al swallowed hard and had to pause to breathe and focus his eyes.

"Huh? Whuh....yes, no! I mean... all rumors start with the truth. They...they know you go away pissed off and come back feeling is true you're getting laid by someone..."

Ed pulled his cock up and away slightly as Al craned his head to reach it.

"You want to suck it that bad? Or do you just not want to tell me the truth?"

Al shuddered beneath him, fingernails audibly scratching at the floor.

"I want to suck it, brother, please...let me...."

"Tell me, Al..." He brought the head to his brother's lips.

"Tell meeee..."

"They...they..." Al's tongue darted out and caught a quick swipe of the skin, and Ed jerked back.

"No, Al, you have to tell me."

And Ed raised himself up on his knees and twisted off, sitting back briefly to survey the too-perfect sight of his brother, erect,

imprisoned, and pining for him on the floor. Before he could get too caught up, however, Ed moved around to place his knees on either side of Al's head, then leaned forward, dropping his cock to Al's mouth as he took his brother's erection in one hand.

"Tell me, Al..." He flicked Al's cock with his tongue as the other boy had done moments before.

"No, they don't know who it is. They just know that someone"

Ed dropped his hips and Al took him down his throat eagerly, soft and slick, his brother's tongue pressed against his skin and Ed could no longer resist returning the favor, sucking the tip and cupping his balls, digging into the flesh and the hair and just devouring him.

It didn't take long at all before Ed could feel Al approaching his climax—-it never did take him long—and he had plans for that too. Again he moved, Al moaning when he was left without a cock to suck and without his cock being sucked, and Ed spread himself open across him once more, but this time pressing their groins together, messy and dripping and slippery and oh.

"Brother," Al panted. "Brother, please..."

"Please what? Aren't you at my mercy? Isn't this what you wanted? I can tell you to come or not to come, can't I?"

"Ummm, Brother, please let me come for you!"

Ed gently touched his forehead to his little brother's.

"You hear all these rumors, but no one ever asks you for the truth?"

"No..." Ochre eyes on golden, and Ed thought, for a moment, that he might lose his composure.

"Why don't they ask you, Al?" He slowly licked the other boy's lips, open and moist and yearning. "Because you're the one who knows. You're the one I'm fucking, Al. Only you."

And he reached down to cup their erections together and hold them between their sweaty stomachs, rubbing and needing and needy and hot and hard and now and Al gave up easily, tilting his head back in the way he always did when he came, his cock pulsing and spurting against and across Ed's fingers and trickling between them.

And because it was viscous and thick and perfect, and because Al was always extra sensitive at this moment, Ed continnued to move his hand in quick strokes, watching as Al arched and moaned, feeling the wetness coat

his entire length and then he finally came too, the mess pooling on Al's stomach and ulimately he didn't care and dropped down on top of his little brother, trying to remember how to breathe.

"Uh." Al suggested a long time later through a very dry throat. "Brother."

"Hmmmm?" Ed raised his head, knowing that he looked embarrassingly pleased and sleepy and satisfied, and pleased to see the look reflected on Al's face... Except that Al was also grimacing. "Al?"

"My hands." Al winced. "They were tied around the back of the chair, remember? I can't feel them anymore."

It all clicked then—-chair, floor, Al's hands under chair on floor, Ed on top of Al, on top of chair, on top of hands—and he quickly scrambled off.

"Why didn't you say something sooner?!" he attacked the cords as best he could, trying to pull them off, forgetting how to untie anything and making it worse.

"You think I was going to stop you? Ow, that hurts! Get some scissors!"

Ed clapped his hands quickly and transmuted his automail into a blade, severing the cords and then pulling Al free of the chair and into his arms.

"I'm so sorry, Al, are's your head?"

Al rubbed the back of his hands together and settled into Ed's lap, resting his head on his shoulder.

"It's fine, but I'd like a glass of water..."

"Ah, right, me too, stay here, don't move, make sure you can use your hands and I'll be right back."

Ed carefully disentangled himself from his brother and jumped to his feet, darting to the kitchen.

It was only when he heard Al giggling in the other room and looked down to remind himself he was half-naked that he realized that the simulation was over, and Al was in charge again. Somehow, Al always ended up in charge.

But that was all right, he decided, filling the second glass, as long as they could trade every once in a while.

Or maybe he'd just have to start tying Al up more often.